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OA is a progressive disease; however, the path of progression is variable from patient to patient. While early treatment...more...
Preparing yourself and your home before hip replacement surgery can seem like a stressful and daunting task...more...
Que.: At what age do people usually get a hip replacement?
Ans.: The majority of patients receiving a total ...more...
Hip Replacement India
Hip Replacement in India helps patient in their Orthopaedics related treatments by packaging their medical trip to India and it also offers a full complement of surgical as well as physiotherapy  services exclusively to International Patients combined with their post  - discharge recuperative holidays.

Conventional Total Hip Replacement is a very successful procedure for the treatment of Hip Arthritis.

The purpose of total hip replacement is to remove the two damaged and worn parts of the hip joint - the hip socket (acetabulum) and the ball (femoral head) - and replace them with smooth, artificial implants called prostheses, which will help make the hip strong, stable, and flexible again.

For younger, more active people needing a hip replacement there is a high chance that a traditional hip replacement will wear out during their lifetime and need to be replaced again - a second replacement (revision) is much more difficult and consequently may last a shorter time than the original replacement.

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  Birmingham Hip Resurfacing
An landmark INNOVATION in Hip Joint arthritis treatment ~ Hip Resurfacing surgery – a far superior alternative to Hip Replacement ! Arthritis of the hip joint is a common problem in India and the Western world......
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